Breakout Spotlight: PCNA’s ProudPath

Each week, the breakout spotlight features a seasonal, breakout, or niche catalog on ZOOMcatalog. We’ll tell you why we love it, give you powerful insights, and offer some “grab and go” images and copy you can use on your own social media at the end.

This week, we’re exploring a new catalog from PCNA that launches a unique new Corporate Social Responsibility platform – ProudPath. 

Title: ProudPath 2022
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Regions: USA & Canada

Planet. People. Purpose. These are the pillars of PCNA’s innovative new corporate social responsibility platform, ProudPath. Now your clients can put their money where their hearts are when creating gifts and corporate branding materials. 

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PCNA has focused on forward-thinking retail brands and eco-friendly products to help you fulfill your CSR promises. Whether you want retail brands that give to great causes, need products made with eco-friendly materials, or would like to support a small business, PCNA can help you create gifts people can feel good about.

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PCNA’s CEO, Neil Ringel, sat down with PPAI to talk about the how’s and why’s behind ProudPath. Our favorite bit? 

“I mean this sincerely,” Ringel says. “I hope that other suppliers join us on this journey. And I hope that distributors benefit from all of us on this journey.”

Check out the full article here.

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“Planet. People. Purpose. ProudPath helps you create environmentally and socially responsible gifts people will love – and make an impact at the same time:

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