Breakout Spotlight: S&S 2021 Summer Style Guide

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This week, we’re looking at S&S’s summer catalog.

Title: S&S 2021 Summer Style Guide
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Regions: USA

This catalog is summer vacation distilled down to its core essence. Bright colors. Light fabrics. There’s something for every personality and possible summer activity in this seasonal catalog. From outdoor essentials to retro ‘90s styles, you’ll find the trendiest apparel right here. And the full-page studio shots with the products artistically arranged? You have to see them to believe how pretty they are! (And then you have to snip them and use them to enhance your social media feed! Learn how to do that here.)

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“Our idea was to focus on unique trends from both a style and color perspective during a particular type of year,” says Erin Cannata, Sales & Marketing Communications Director at S&S, “But also around the types of activities going on during that season.”

The 2021 Summer Style Guide combines activities with product-specific trends to bring you six curated collections for everything you could want to do out in the sun.

“It’s easy to repeat orders year over year,” Erin says. “But providing clients with new, exciting, and on-trend ideas is going to set that PPD or decorator apart from their competitors.”

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“Inspire hope and generate fresh ideas with the S&S 2021 Summer Style Guide. Exciting on-trend apparel perfectly matched for all your summer activities. Customize the catalog here:”

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