Case Study: Label Works’ Story Board Flyers

Label Works is reimagining the value of a flyer. Moving beyond the basic sales circular, their new Story Board series showcases themes and vertical markets that show off the full potential of their products and inspire new ideas and applications. The folks at Label Works pride themselves on their level of distributor support. With the Story Board flyers, they wanted to plant the seeds that would grow into ideas that close more sales.

To help with that, Label Works has made their flyers fully customizable. You can make them your own and use them on your website, in your emails, as marketing materials, for proposals, or even post them to your social media sites.

We caught up with Sharon Menssen, Marketing Manager at Label Works, to get some insight into their strategy and how they envision their customers using these beautiful flyers. 

ZOOMcatalog: What was the vision behind the Story Board flyers? 

Sharon Menssen: We have customers that sell to all vertical markets, and we wanted to show them all of the opportunities they had with our labels, stickers, and decals. Our customers have told us time and again that sharing these ideas helps them close sales, so we offer unbranded versions of our sales tools, so they can personalize them and send them to their clients.

ZC: What are your hopes for customers who use the new Story Board flyers?

SM: We hope they will enjoy revenue growth and increased sales. We want to help them reach the customers they already have and give them ideas for approaching new markets. Labels, stickers, and decals are everywhere, and we want to show them that.

ZC: What are your plans for the future? 

SM: We’ll be continuing the Story Board themes and developing more based on the needs and requests of our customers. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to sell labels, stickers, and decals in any situation to all customers.

Explore all of Label Works’ Story Board flyers on their website. Want to learn how you can improve your own flyer strategy? Talk with one of our experts.