Industry Marketing Report Deep Dive: Why Flyers Work

In this world, there are three kinds of facts: There are fun facts, like how many different times Keanu Reeves has played a character named “John” (11). There are mind-boggling facts, like knowing that a strawberry isn’t a berry but a watermelon is. And then there are important facts that are actually useful to your life and your business. 

Here are some important facts from our recent promotional products Industry Marketing Report:

  • 82% of promotional products distributors use digital flyers in their marketing campaigns. 
  • 75% of those distributors customize their flyers before sharing them. 

Why are flyers so popular? Both in print and digitally, flyers are the perfect medium for busy marketing professionals with even busier customers. 

They’re Focused

The limited space of a flyer isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. Flyers allow you to shine a spotlight on your newest products and create hyper-specialized breakout themes for holidays, special events, and even seasonal collections. 

They’re Bite-Sized

Between work, kids, family, friends, video calls, in-person meetings, hybrid office spaces, and now tradeshows again, our lives are defined by how many free minutes we have in the day. Flyers get eyeballs because flyers aren’t a huge time commitment. They’re the snack-size materials that we can peruse in those precious free moments of our schedule. 

And speaking of time, flyers are an amazing tool if you’re offering limited-time offers! 

They’re Perfect for Digital

This point dovetails nicely with number two. Since flyers are such quick-hit promotional materials, they pair perfectly with social media and email marketing campaigns. The fast and flashy nature of digital flyers means they really fill out a digital ad campaign, giving life and substance to your emails and social posts. 

They’re Low Effort but High Impact

On the supplier side, flyers don’t take as long to create. When your creative team is over-worked assembling your latest full-line catalog, flyers can be put together in a fraction of the time. 

On the distributor end, flyers can be incredibly easy to customize, provided you have the right tools (more on that below). Quickly swapping out a logo or adding a prospect’s digital imprint to the product photos can make or break a sale, so when suppliers make it easy to edit their flyers, distributors are more likely to share them forward and close those deals!

Taking Advantage of Digital Flyers

As a supplier, it is important to make sure you’re designing your flyers to be customized. Keep an eye on the white and negative spaces to make sure you’re designing your flyers with room for your distributors to add their logos and contact information. 

You can also empower distributors to customize your flyers by taking advantage of ZOOMstudio. These tools make it easy for your customers to create stunning, on-brand flyers with up-to-date product information.

And if you’re looking for a solution for your internal teams, talk to your ZOOMcatalog rep about ZOOMcanvas. It’s a new tool we’ve developed to help everyone from your latest intern to your VP sales exec make amazing flyers fast. 

Contact us now to get started. 

And if you’re looking for more facts and insights like these, check out our 2021 Promotional Products Industry Marketing Report. We’ve collected the latest trends, tactics, and strategies from the top promotional products distributors and suppliers and assembled all of that wisdom in one place. Don’t miss out!