February Marketing Planner 2020

Carve out a little time this month between watching the Super Bowl and cuddling with that special someone on Valentine’s Day to start thinking about Spring. Sure, it’s still freezing cold in most of the country, but warm weather is right around the corner. With that warm weather comes some prime selling opportunities. Here’s your February hit list for marketing. 

Spring Essentials

Gallup polls reveal that Spring is America’s favorite season. 36% of people prefer Spring over the other seasons. And for good reason… temperatures rise, the outdoors becomes habitable again, sunshine makes its triumphant return, and people feel happier. 

From Spring cleaning to outdoor adventures, there are a lot of ways to sell around the season.  

Consider products that help people get outside and soak up the renewed sunshine. Think about shorts, t-shirts, hats, and other performance apparel. Coolers, umbrellas for April showers, and organizational products for spring cleaning will be hot as well. 

Customize one of the featured spring catalogs and flyers as your own, or browse our growing collection of customizable Spring/Summer catalogs here.

Patriots Day

If you’re in Massachusetts, Maine, or Wisconsin, Patriots Day is a welcome spring day off and a chance to celebrate with the town. If you’re from anywhere else, you may need to be reminded why we celebrate Patriots Day. It’s to commemorate the first battles of the Revolutionary War: the battles of Lexington and Concord. 

Patriots Day is a sneaky selling opportunity. Don’t let the little brother of July 4th slip by without some attention.

Mega Cap provides a great example of how to amp up the patriotic pride in your sales. 

Customize these flyers with products that are a perfect fit for Patriots Day:

The Masters

37.2 million people watched Tiger Woods come from behind to win The Masters last year. It was his first major title in eleven years and the most watched Masters Sunday in six years. Social Media exploded as golfers and non-golfers alike participated in the thrill of it all. 

The excitement of Tiger’s win will push the hype for The Masters this year to historic levels. The first golf major of the year marks the official start of the golf season and presents an opportunity to push everything golf and green (the color of all Masters merchandise). No, you can’t use The Masters name or logo on merchandise, but that shouldn’t stop you from selling to all those golfers itching to swing the sticks after a long winter. 

Logo’d golf balls, tees, ball markers, golf bags, golf shirts, hats, insulated bottles, umbrellas, and coolers are just a few products that jump to mind. 

Customize these featured golf flyers, or visit www.zoomcatalog.com to find many others:


Americans spend approximately $150 per person on Easter each year – a whopping $18 billion in total sales. There are limitless possibilities for getting in on the action. Plush toys, chocolate loving egg-hunters, and those little plastic eggs combine for a major opportunity to sell promotional products.

Coloring Book Solutions delivers Easter themed coloring books that can be a fun gift for the little ones, and Best Plush can help you fill Easter Eggs with tiny stuffed animals. 

Customize these catalogs filled with Easter related promotional products:

Tax Day

Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. 

More sales for you can be the third certainty if you sell products for Tax Day. Not sure what to sell? You could relieve some stress with your products, increase peoples’ productivity, or serve up some much needed humor. 

Everything from stress balls, notepads, and letter openers to comical hats, coffee cups, stickers, and shirts will sell well. 

Spotlight here.

Earth Day

The sustainable products market is set to reach $150 billion by 2021. You can’t afford to ignore this growing market. After all, “36% of 13-36-year-olds say they’d pay 10% more for an eco-friendly product.”

Products that are conscious of the environment, like stainless steel reusable straws from Kit Promo, can go a long way in building goodwill and boosting your bottom line. 

We should mention that the rising generations are particularly mindful of the environment. Young startups may be an excellent audience for distributors to target for Earth Day.  

Here are some flyers and catalogs to use in your Earth Day promotions:

That’s All For This Month

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