Five Tools to Level Up Your Website

In the competitive landscape of the promotional products industry, a well-designed supplier website equipped with essential digital tools is a crucial component for success. Let’s explore the top five features that every supplier should integrate into their website. Additionally, we’ll provide some suggestions to help you make your easy to navigate with menu name suggestions and layout best practices. 

Five Essential Digital Tools:

  1. Product Search and Filtering: Enabling your customers to quickly search and filter products based on their needs (category, price range, material, colorways, etc.) is the bedrock of your digital castle. If there’s one thing you need to nail when designing your site, it’s this. The trick is to make sure your search tools are intuitive to navigate and easy to filter. Always try to minimize the number of clicks needed to get to a product.

    MENU NAME SUGGESTIONS: “Product Finder” or “Explore Products”

  2. Pricing Calculators and Quotes: Incorporate pricing calculators that provide real-time quotes based on quantity, customization options, and discounts. Allowing customers to request formal quotes directly from the website will give distributors a reason to incorporate your website into their daily workflow. The faster and easier it is for them to get quotes, the more likely they will be to order from you again and again.

    MENU NAME SUGGESTIONS: “Pricing Calculators” or “Request a Quote”

  3. Order Tracking and Management: Providing a platform for your customers to track the progress of their orders will cut down on those anxious late-night emails or early-morning phone calls from worried distributors. Enabling customers to view order history, invoices, and shipping details are the added quality-of-life touches that will make your system stand out among the crowd.

    MENU NAME SUGGESTIONS: “Order Tracking” or “Manage Orders”
  1. Virtual Sample Creation: It’s a truth universally acknowledged among professionals in the promotional products industry: everyone wants virtual samples. Incorporating a digital tool that lets your customers create their own virtual samples (like the virtual sample feature coming soon to ZOOMstudio) makes your website an invaluable resource for sales reps everywhere. 

    MENU NAME SUGGESTIONS: “Create Virtual Samples” or “Virtual Sample Studio”
  1. Dynamic, Editable Content: We might be a little biased with this suggestion, but the numbers show distributors want to customize digital catalogs and flyers for their end-buyers. Providing customizable versions of your marketing and sales materials allows distributors to cater to target markets instantly. Make it easier for them to close a sale, and you’ll close more sales in return. 

Making it All Work: Intuitive Navigation 

Having all the best digital tools in the world will do nothing to help if your users can’t find them. That’s why having a clear and consistent navigation menu with a recognizable and intuitive structure is essential.

  • Use a clean and easily recognizable menu structure. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, reference the websites you visit every day and take inspiration from the ones you find easy to use. 
  • Don’t bury your key features beneath submenus and sub-submenus but rather highlight them prominently in the menu or sidebar.
  • Ensure consistent navigation across all of your pages so no matter where they end up on your site, your users can find their way to where they want to go. 

Optimizing your website for mobile is another big must-have, considering how much business is done on phones and tablets now. Make sure your web developers are utilizing responsive design principles to ensure a seamless browsing experience across various screen sizes.

By integrating essential digital tools into your promotional products supplier website and designing an intuitive user experience, you can enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Remember to prioritize simplicity, ease of use, and responsiveness to create a website that fosters customer satisfaction and drives business growth. Remember: you can contact us for more ways to help, including adding editable digital catalogs, flyers, and more to your site.