Getting Started with ZOOMstudio: Best Practices for New Users

ZOOMstudio is a powerful piece of software designed specifically for the promotional products industry. Discover how to leverage its features to create stunning custom catalogs, flyers, and presentations that will elevate your promotional products business.

Whether you’re a new user looking to get the most out of your new subscription, or a veteran trying to learn more tips and tricks to improve your efficiency, this post will provide you with essential best practices to help you effectively onboard and excel at ZOOMstudio. 

Understanding the Basics

Take this time to explore the different options, menus, and toolbars within ZOOMstudio and test the functionality of each feature. 

Designing Custom Catalogs, Flyers, and Presentations

  1. Catalog Creation:
    Start with the “Make It Quick” option. This will give you access to Smart Layouts, our easy-to-use point-and-click design tool. Practice adding products to your new design and try different layouts to achieve the perfect look.

    Video Demonstration | Detailed Help Article
  1. Flyer and Presentation Design:
    Flyer and presentation creation in ZOOMstudio Smart Layouts is similar to creating a catalog but more focused. Use Smart Layouts to build dynamic presentations that showcase your product effectively and create digital flyers that highlight a few select options for your clients.

    Video Demonstration | Detailed Help Article

Advanced Features and Collaboration

  1. Advanced Customization Options:
    Dive deeper into ZOOMstudio’s advanced customization features. Upload your own product photos, take advantage of royalty-free lifestyle images, and edit product details. You can even turn your designs into customizable templates, allowing other members on your team to reuse design elements and maintain consistency across different marketing materials.

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  1. Collaborative Workflows:
    Empower cross-team collaboration within ZOOMstudio. The shared asset library centralizes all of your images, logos, and visual elements, ensuring everyone is using the best photos at all times, and dynamic data integration means your product information is always up to date.

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Tips for a Smooth Onboarding Experience

  1. Add Your Assets and Create Templates:
    Pre-load your product photos, lifestyle images, and logos into the asset library, and then create templates for your most-requested custom flyers and catalogs. This way, when your teams start using ZOOMstudio, they’ll already have the tools they need to succeed.  
  1. Utilize Training and Support Resources:
    We have plenty of resources to help you get started, including video tutorials, Demo Day webinars, and a knowledge base of frequently asked questions. You can also schedule one-on-one sessions with our customer success specialists.
  1. Start with Small Projects:
    Begin your ZOOMstudio journey by working on smaller projects to familiarize yourself with the software’s capabilities. Gradually scale up to larger, more complex projects as you gain confidence.
  1. Experiment and Iterate:
    Don’t be afraid to experiment with different design options and features in ZOOMstudio. Iterate and refine your designs to achieve the desired outcome.

Sharing and Distribution

Sharing your catalogs, lookbooks, flyers. and more with distributors is the key to success. Just copy the unique URL of your creation and share it via email, messaging apps, or social media. It’s convenient and works like magic, instantly transporting people to your catalog.

You can also embed that URL in your email signatures or use it to create QR codes and put those on your business cards or product samples. It adds a futuristic touch to physical campaigns and marries the digital world with the real one.

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ZOOMstudio empowers promotional product professionals to create captivating custom catalogs, flyers, and presentations. By following these best practices, you can confidently onboard and harness the full potential of ZOOMstudio. Remember to explore the range of resources available to support your learning journey. Unleash your creativity and take your promotional products marketing to new heights.