How To Embed Custom Searches

Distributors, are you looking for a way to level up your current website and continue your journey into your digital future? You can put the power of our search tools in the hands of your customers by embedding custom searches into your website. (And it’s completely free!)

But why, though? 

We’ve seen the trend for years: modern customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to discover something. Customers trust word-of-mouth recommendations, and they trust their own research.

To improve word-of-mouth, you just have to keep being your awesome self, rocking your business with quality service. Your reputation will grow from there. To help your customers with their research, though, that’s where we come in with embedded custom searches.

When you embed a catalog or product search into your website, your customers can search for thousands of products, from hundreds of suppliers, and browse all of the latest catalogs. All in one place. And here’s the best part: when a catalog expires, it will automatically roll off of your page. You can literally set it once and forget it.

How does it work?

To get started, simply click your way over to the Build a Search tool on You can either build a search with all of the catalogs on ZOOMcatalog, or build a list of your preferred suppliers. 

The tool will create a special link and an embed code. You can use the link in your site’s navigation menu, in a blog, or on a social media post to link directly to the search. The embed code works great if you want to integrate it into the body of one of your pages.

Need help picking the best solution? Contact our team! We’re happy to help.