July and August 2022 Marketing Planner

The Events


  • Summer Essentials
  • Independence Day – 4th


  • Tailgate Essentials
  • Back to School
  • NFL Football Season Begins
  • College Football Season Begins

The Strategies


Through the pandemic, many people retreated to a memory of comfort and looked for those memories to surround themselves with fuzzy feelings. This hasn’t stopped, in fact, it has grown. Vintage styles are popping up in apparel, home goods, and decoration. Even a home blender can come in a classic Lisa Frank print, and Igloo coolers are emblazoned with the original Carebears (the classics, not the weird new ones.)

When presenting a product, try a well-placed pop of tye-dye color to really make those nostalgic feelings come alive. You could also add a textured screen print to create some vintage dimension or a distressed logo for that lived-in vibe.

Sensorial Experience

One of the most overlooked options when planning gifting is consumable products. While we often talk about the length of time a product will have visibility, an alternative approach is creating a sensorial experience. What does that mean? Engaging more than just one sense. Yummy coffee cake from Maple Ridge Farms, for example, activates both taste and smell, relaxing bath products from Snugz have a luxurious feel and scent, and a s’mores kit from Midnite Snax has flavor, smell (and a bonus hit of nostalgia for those late nights at summer camp). This translates into an experience that your end-user can have and remember.

Color Saturation

Stainless steel has its place, but deep colors are what are hot right now. Pastels, cool college tones, bold primaries, whatever you pick, make sure it’s very rich and very intense. As we incorporate immersive experiences into our marketing repertoire and merge digital spaces with real-life places, we should embrace vibrant color. This trend might break away from your traditional color pallet, so try offering a secondary color that is bright or bold. This trend pairs nicely with a pop contrast logo, and it is sure to make any item your end-users favorite piece.

Before We Go…

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