June Marketing Planner 2020

School and Sports, that’s all we are thinking about right now. As the summer continues, we’re looking ahead at the post-pandemic fall of 2020 which features the start of school as well as the return of most major sports including football, basketball, golf, and baseball. It’s going to be an epic fall with plenty to market to your customers, so here are some of the products you should start focusing on how to get ahead of the competition. 

School is back, well, kind of.

Everyone wants to know what general education will look like this fall. Will schools be on campus or at home? Are students going to learn with their peers or on laptops with their siblings? These are all major questions that students, teachers, and faculty are asking. 

As a result, there are many states and school programs that have proposed a new “Hybrid Learning” method that rotates on-campus learning between students on different days. Colorado has taken initiative to roll out a potential plan that involves rotational school days, one-way hallways, and required temperature testing for all students and staff. 

Whether students are at home or in the classroom, there’s a ton of opportunity to push products that will assist students and teachers working in whatever the new normal will be this fall. 

For those students who are returning to school, an essential item will be personal protective equipment–as it will be required by all schools. This means masks, hand sanitizer, water bottles, wipes, and more will be a major priority for school districts and other academic institutions. Similarly, the likeliness of locker use is slim, which will force students to carry more books which is where you come in with backpacks and gym bags. By offering up great school-branded items, students can still feel connected to their school experience without being present every day. 

For students and teachers opting to operate at home, basic school supplies are a great opportunity to put school branding on something they can keep with them. Think of it as a “home academic kit” where students receive school-branded products such as pencils, pens, planners, charging cables, notebooks, even desk organizers. 

Check out these products from Evans Manufacturing, who has everything you need to pitch a perfect academic home kit.  

Bring the best of football tailgating to customers.

The NFL is holding off as other leagues make forward progress on setting a date for their seasons. College football players are back on campus this month for optional workouts and to move into their residence. As for a final start date to the season, both the NFL and the NCAA are still ironing out the details, but one thing is clear, the likeliness of fans being present is slim to none.  

That being said, there’s still plenty of football fanatics who will want to flex their favorite team for their home tailgates. 

How do you create the best at-home tailgate in all of football? It starts with shirts and hats covered in your customer’s logo. Pair those with picnic blankets, custom chairs, and coolers and you’re almost there. The last and most important ingredients are those cups and can coolers. What epic tailgate isn’t complete without the two essential beverage consumption accessories? 

For those big-time fans, who want to bring the competition to the backyard turf, branded cornhole games, and disc slamming (aka Can Jam) are great options for half-time entertainment that your customer needs.

Peerless has the essentials for creating the perfect home-tailgate for every football game this fall. Take a look here.

Fall Golf is coming to the PGA 

Speaking of hitting some turf, the PGA Tour released its revised schedule that includes three majors. The PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and Masters will all be played this fall along with a slew of other tournaments that remain on the weekly schedule

It’s still unclear as to whether fans will be allowed back on the course to watch golf’s biggest gunslingers get put to the test, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get their hands on golf gear. 

As one of the most widely accepted social distance practices, golf courses have seen a massive increase in memberships and daily play. If you know golf, you’d know that the game is strewn with a variety of accessories—all of which can be branded with your customer’s name. 

From custom balls and tees to divot repair tools, towels, and ball markers, gear up your customer’s people with the essentials for a successful day out on the links. Best believe fans will want to get a few shots of their own in after watching the best in the world get after it at Augusta National. 

If you’re looking for top-notch golf products, LarLu brings some serious stuff to the game – browse their line here

“They’re playing Basketball….again.”

The NBA officially announced the return of play for July 31st. The plan is rather simple—a 22-team format where all teams will be allocated to Orlando’s ESPN World Wide of Sports to compete for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. 

With hoops back on television, and LeBron making a run at his 4th title with the infamous Lakers, there is no doubt basketball fans will be craving their own slice of fandom for each of the remaining teams. 

As Denver Nuggets fans, our eyes will be glued to the screen and our hands filled with our favorite beverage in a Nugget branded cup.

In the same vein, there will be tons of hoops fans gathering together to watch teams fight for the title, which means plenty of food that needs quality bowls, plates, and platters. Just in case your customer’s people want to harness their own inner-player too, you can deliver custom basketballs with their favorite team or company. 

Franmara has some great party planning products that will bring your NBA playoff shindig to the next level. 

MLB’s 7th inning stretch is almost over. 

The MLB and the Players Association have been at odds for months now, as proposals have gone back and forth multiple times. As of recently, baseball is expected to be back around early July and run into the late fall, with the World Series starting roughly in October. 

America’s national pastime comes with some classic accessories that are perfect for your customer’s branding. The most obvious is the mini-bat—you know, the one you always wanted when you went to the games as a kid? Hardcore fans are always looking to grab another piece of memorabilia-styled merch, and the bat is a classic. Speaking of memorabilia, don’t sleep on branded baseballs, you’d be surprised at how many brands use them in their marketing efforts. 

Don’t forget about the essential baseball hats and shirts that every fan needs in their wardrobe. Whether fans are in the stadium or on the couch, bring the ball-game experience home with the products that every baseball disciple needs.    

Don’t wait, start slinging your promotional products now.

The remainder of the summer and start of fall is chock full of opportunities to help your customers reach their markets with valuable and engaging promotional products. Now is the time to start pulling together the best of your offerings and start using these events to push end-users toward your customer. If you’re worried about forgetting about all these epic events, sign up for our Trends by ZOOMcatalog, where we remind you about all the important items in the promotional products industry.