New in ZOOMstudio, Better Backgrounds!

Today we’re introducing a feature that will make creating beautiful flyers, social images, presentations, and other marketing materials easier than ever for you and thousands of other distributors. Say hello to Backgrounds in ZOOMstudio.

With Backgrounds, you can bring your materials to life by quickly adding a background image or color to your canvas. To get started, you’ll see the new option in the left sidebar called “Add Background”.

Background Images

Images are a fantastic way to take your marketing materials to a new level. Select an image from the existing library of images we’ve made available for you (coming soon), or easily upload your own.

From there, you can apply your background to multiple pages, change the options to make the image fit your canvas perfectly, and more.

Background Colors

If images are not right for your current project, try bringing some life to your canvas by changing the color. You can quickly select from a collection of available options, or you can use the color picker to find the color that best fits your design.

We’re excited to see what incredible marketing materials you are going to create with Backgrounds. Available in all ZOOMstudios today. Try them out and if you have any thoughts or feedback, get in touch with our team at

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