New Year Promotional Products Marketing Planner

Keep up that New Year’s momentum by carving out some time to plan your marketing campaigns for Q1 and beyond. Depending on where you are in the country, it’s still probably pretty cold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for brighter days. With the spring, comes new selling opportunities. 

Black History Month
Super Bowl – 7th
Valentines Day – 14th
President’s Day – 15th
Mardi Gras  – 16th

March Madness
Employee Appreciation Day – 5th
St. Patrick’s Day – 17th

Spring Essentials
MLB Opening Day – 1st
Easter – 4th
The Masters (First Golf Major) – 5th
Patriots’ Day – 19th
Tax Day – 15th
Earth Day – 22nd
Kentucky Derby – 30th


February is right around the corner, and while it may be too late to snag anything but the very last of the last-minute orders for these particular holidays and events, you can still leverage the national attention Super Bowl Sunday, Valentines Day, and the rest will generate.   

Take advantage of the social media buzz around one of the biggest sporting events of the year and join in the conversation with event hashtags like #superbowl and #superbowlsunday. Big events like this are a great time to let your hair down on social media and inject a little fun and personality into your feeds.

Black History Month is also in February. This is the perfect time to highlight and elevate Black voices in your community. It’s very important, though, to approach these marketing campaigns with honesty and authenticity. Consider this a chance to start conversations and campaigns that can last the entire year.


With as tumultuous and uncertain as last March was, this year we’ll all be looking for opportunities to unwind and celebrate. With Employee Appreciation Day happening early in the month, consider repurposing some of those gift guides from the Winter and repurposing them as employee gift catalogs. Most of us will be working from home for a while still yet, so include comforting, cozy options, like mugs, sweatpants, and blankets. 

March Madness themed flyers are also a great way of tapping into the spirit of competition energizing the month. If you sell sports apparel or hard goods, March Madness is a no-brainer for marketing opportunities, but even if your product range is less sporty, you can still create brackets and tie your campaigns into the tournament. 


In the dark of winter, it’s never too early to start thinking about Spring Essentials. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways of getting outside, so put together catalogs and flyers featuring light jackets, umbrellas, sunglasses, sunscreen–all the essentials for outdoor activities. (And don’t forget the PPE.)

From hikes in the park to picnics by the beach, by the time April rolls around, we’ll all be eager to get out there and soak up the sunshine.

There are also plenty of holidays and events happening in April. With Major League Baseball’s opening day and The Master’s opening both happening in April this year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to market bags, tees, golf shirts, hats, coolers, and more. 

Tax Day might not be a cause for celebration, but it is a chance to grab the attention of all of those accounting firms that will see their busiest influx of clients all year. 

And of course, Earth Day will be huge this year. The growing sustainability trend, coupled with a renewed interest in social issues, will make 2021’s Earth Day the biggest in years.

That’s All for This Month

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