Tech Terms: Do You Speak Tech?

If you look back over the last 20 years in the promo industry, you can see how much has changed. We no longer fax orders or mail hard copies of artwork files ( hopefully, at least). New decorations techniques, materials, and styles come out all the time. The industry has evolved with new technology advances to keep up with the demands of businesses.

We’ve got some of the best developers, programmers, and digital designers in the industry working to create new technologies that will move the promotional products industry forward into the future, but we’re not all computer wizards over here.

When we say we’re a SaaS company, we’re not talking about our attitude.

Our marketing team has a diverse promo background. We’ve worked with suppliers and distributors alike, but no one would ever accuse us of being a pair of code slingers. 

During a  recent meeting, we realized there were a lot of common developer terms being tossed around that we didn’t understand. Sure, the context clues were there, but the exact definitions were over our heads. 

We took this learning opportunity as a chance to not only get a better understanding of our products and processes but also as an opportunity to share that understanding with you. So join us as we ask tech questions and get smart answers. We’ll learn the what, how, and why behind new upgrades and technological advances, and hopefully, we’ll shed some light on a corner of the industry not many people understand. 

How can you help? Follow us on social media where we will share what we learn while immersed in a SaaS company (yes we will explain what SaaS means too). If you’ve got a tech question, a weird definition, or an acronym you don’t understand, reach out and we will find the answer together!