What’s New: Template Library

This month, we released an eagerly anticipated new feature for ZOOMstudio Smart Layouts: the ability to add Smart Layout templates to your ZOOMstudio Template Library. 

All Your Templates in One Place

Using Smart Layouts, you can turn your catalogs, lookbooks, and flyers into shareable, editable templates. Now with our latest release, you can quickly and easily add them to your template library. 

Make it quick and easy for your team and distributors to find and customize exactly what they need. 

  • Add and remove templates from the template library, ensuring your users can always access your latest and greatest designs.
  • Create templates for vertical markets, seasonal events, product presentations, and so much more.
  • Users can pick a template and easily switch out products, add branding, mark up pricing, and more. Quickly, accurately, and efficiently.  

Below is a quick tutorial on adding templates to the template library. You can also register for an upcoming demo day and get a first-hand look at how templates can revolutionize how you make content for your teams and customers.

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