7 Ways to Evolve Beyond the Limits of Print

Are your digital catalogs working? No, wait. Let’s rephrase that–are your digital catalogs doing work? Evolving beyond the limitations of print catalogs allows you to expand the potential of every piece of marketing content you put out there. 

Interactive marketing campaigns allow you to create more than a static piece of marketing content. They allow you to create an entire experience. 

Take a look at these examples of powerful interactive catalogs. The way they combine video and external links with the product selection creates a seamless experience for customers, making it easy for them to browse rich, visual content and quickly find all of the important product details with a click.

HPG – Origaudio

HPG takes full advantage of the digital format, focusing on stunning full-page graphics and external links to additional product details.

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SnugZ – 2021

SnugZ ensures every product in their catalog has an external link that makes it easy to learn more information about their products. 

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alphabroder – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

alphabroder creates a truly interactive experience using internal links to highlight product companions, external links for product info (on an unbranded website), lifestyle collection videos, 360˚ turn around videos, technical videos, and more

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Sweda – Basecamp

Sweda uses external links to make finding additional product information easy. They also use links to share more information about the Wounded Warrior Project. 

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Gemline – Spring 2021 Lookbook

Gemline’s creates a seamless customer experience by using the same stunning lifestyle images and product photography in their catalogs and videos. 

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S&S Activewear – What’s New 2021

S&S Activewear forgoes any extra copy inside their What’s New 2021 ZOOMcatalog, focusing on product photography which lets the external links do all the work. 

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Peerless – Lookbook 2021

Peerless’s 2021 lookbook makes sure every page is ‘Gram Worthy. Their photos are sized and ready for social media! Users can snip the images with our catalog snipping tool to easily share on their social networks.

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Build Your Own

Is your catalog interactive? We make it super easy to go beyond print and enable your catalog with videos, links, and more.

Want to add external links to your ZOOMcatalog? Check out our help article.

Also, consider integrating video into your catalogs. Product and lifestyle videos are underutilized in promo marketing materials–only 12% of suppliers we surveyed are using video inside their digital catalogs.

If you need help getting started with video, check out these articles from the Trends archives:

Put your digital marketing materials to work for you and start building your interactive campaigns today.