Industry Marketing Report by ZOOMcatalog

We surveyed hundreds of the leading promotional products companies, dove deep into the tactics and strategies of some of the best suppliers…

5 Insights Distributors Need To Know: ZOOMcatalog Industry Marketing Report

We asked suppliers and distributors what they thought about the last year and what they expected for 2021.

5 Insights Suppliers Need To Know: ZOOMcatalog Industry Marketing Report

We’ve boiled down all the answers to our Industry Marketing Report into the top 5 key insights suppliers need to know right now.

To Price or Not to Price Catalogs and Flyers?

According to our recent industry survey, suppliers are split down the middle: 50% are upfront with their pricing, putting it in their…

Case Study: Rethinking ZOOMcatalogs with The Magnet Group

Recently, The Magnet Group's Webmaster, Nathan Baine, approached our team with an exciting request: he wanted a way for users to…

New Year Promotional Products Marketing Planner

Keep up that New Year’s momentum by carving out some time to plan your marketing campaigns for Q1 and beyond.

The Show’s Over…Now What?

Have you finalized your post-show plan? Let us help with some pro-tips and handy resource links.

3 Key Insights from HPG’s Digital Journey

We sat down with HPG’s marketing director, Ben Pawsey for a deep dive into their digital strategies, and we’re here to break down three key…

How to Create Videos & Grow Sales

When it comes to sheer ROI, video is an undeniable powerhouse, but in the promotional products industry, video content is severely…

Top ZOOMcatalogs of 2020

Here are the 25 most viewed ZOOMcatalogs of last year. There are a number of factors that go into attracting views to a ZOOMcatalog...

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