How to market your ZOOMcatalogs

Marketing your ZOOMcatalogs and ZOOMcustom catalogs and flyers is important! Make sure distributors know about these awesome new tools you now have to offer them. This document has some tips to get started.

Nine marketing tips

The obvious…

Add it to your website

Incorporate the link (and a thumbnail) to your ZOOMcatalog and your customizable catalogs and flyers on your website. If you have a digital catalog and/or a flyers section, these are great places to add it. We also suggest adding it to the marketing tools section of your site. For ZOOMcustom, add an image to make it clear and obvious that the tool is not only free for distributors, but super simple to use!

Your team

Inform your sales team

Send out a company e-mail to your internal and external staff (don’t forget to include your multi-line reps) and make them all aware of your ZOOMcatalog and your catalogs and flyers that distributors can personalize. Have them save the links as bookmarks on their computers for easy access. Set up time for a team meeting to show everyone how your cool new marketing tools works! By educating your team, your team will be able to educate distributors.


Link it to your emails

Email has become the primary way we communicate with customers. Your email signature is an ideal spot to include a link to your ZOOMcatalog and your ZOOMcustom catalogs and flyers. Have everyone in your company add the links to their email signature! Unsure how to do this? Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can send you instructions. It’s fast and simple!

Blast It!

Send an email blast

Most suppliers are still using email blasting services to get their message out to distributors. Why not send a dedicated email blast out with a nice image of your catalog and two options for readers: View our ZOOMcatalog or personalize it as your own! Include a call to action to encourage distributors to try it out. Keep the email concise and to the point and do not clutter it up with too many images or too much text. If you want us to send you an email template let us know.

Blast it more

Use email marketing

You probably send out marketing emails on a regular basis to promote your company and products. Why not add a small blurb to every email you send out about your ZOOMcatalog and customizable catalogs and flyers? You can go with a line of text such as “Click here to personalize our catalogs and flyers as your own” or add an image that will catch the distributors’ eye.

Get Social

Post it, share it, tweet it

What better way to spread the word is there than sharing your awesome new tools with all the distributors that follow you on your social networks? You might even want to consider paying to promote a post about it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Of course, you also want to blog about it. Post every time you add
a new catalog or flyer! Bonus: Sharing it all adds up and helps with your website SEO.

Print it?!

Add it to print catalogs

Yeah, yeah we know… we don’t love print catalogs either, but you do still give them to distributors and it’s a great place to spread the news about your catalogs and flyers. Our advice? Print fun sticky notes and stick them on the covers of your catalogs. Have them say something like “Did you know you can personalize this catalog as your own online?” and add the url. Easy and effective!

Your team

Talk about it

Distributors call your company daily to order products, request catalogs and ask questions. Recruit your call center team to help you get the word out. Why not mention your customizable catalogs and flyers when someone calls for print catalogs? Or let the distributor know they can view and send your ZOOMcatalog while waiting for the print catalogs to arrive. The more distributors use your ZOOMcatalog and ZOOMcustom catalogs, the more
end-users will be eye-balling your products. Get on it!

Take charge

Do it for distributors

Let’s admit it… some distributors are just too busy (or lazy) to do what we want them to do. Get proactive and have your reps create catalogs and flyers for them. Surprise a prospect or customer with their very own customized marketing materials they can use to promote your products. Click here to learn more about creating accounts for your reps to make catalogs. Oh, and the kitten… it has nothing to do with this tip. We just ran out of image ideas.