Merch Madness 2023

It’s that time of year again! We’re pleased to announce the start of our second annual Merch Madness competition!

Our suppliers do a fantastic job of creating beautiful, functional, engaging ZOOMcatalogs, and for the next three weeks, we’re celebrating their incredible work. 

Here’s how it works:

Below, you’ll find the 16 ZOOMcatalogs featured in this year’s Merch Madness matchups. Browse their pages and check out their amazing products. Then, follow us on social media – specifically Instagram.

  • Every weekday from now until April 3, we’ll post matchups to our feed
  • Vote for your favorite in our Instagram Stories polls
  • At the end of every day, we’ll tabulate the votes
  • The ZOOMcatalog with the most votes moves on to the next round

Vote early. Vote often! And get caught up in MERCH MADNESS!


Peerless Umbrella’s 2023 New Heights

Last year’s reigning champ, Peerless, returns with a brand new catalog. As always, they come to the table with impressive visuals and top-notch content. Their New Heights lookbook encourages you to go beyond and break free from your limits, and the catalog does just that by incorporating augmented reality into its pages!

NC Custom’s Creatively Kitted 2023

WARNING: Do not look through this catalog on an empty stomach. NC Custom has kicked off the new year with a new collection of thoughtfully curated food and hard good gifts. The NC Custom team makes it easy to assemble custom kits because they do all the work for you.

HPG’s Batch & Bodega’s 2023 Catalog

Every single page of Batch & Bodega’s 2023 catalog is an award-winning Instagram post in itself. Every. Single. Page. Seriously, flip through this catalog and find a bad photo. We dare you.

S&S’s 2023 Company Store Style Guide

With S&S’s new style guide, you’ll find everything you need to really sell your brand’s story. The guide is a go-to resource to inspire a company store – no matter what apparel or accessory category you’re looking to find.

AdNArt’s New Collection 2023 

AdNArt does precisely what it sounds like: brings art into design for incredibly designed drinkware pieces that are fashion-forward. This year, they combine function, fashion, and fun in a creative new collection of drinkware that will leave you thirsty for more.


Gordon Sinclair’s 2023 Catalog

Like it says on the cover, “Quality never looked so good.” Simple yet stunning product shots fill this catalog, and every page is filled with inspiration. From tumblers to mugs to tech and even travel items, you’ll find something new and exciting within these pages.

Hirsch’s 2023 Catalog

In last year’s competition, Hirsch gave everyone a run for their money. This year, they’re not playing around with a new ZOOMcatalog full of premium brands and promotional products. Their new name and logo make them look as good as their products, but Hirsch’s passion makes them a real contender in this year’s opening round.


Gemline’s Spring 2023 Lookbook

Gemline is the industry standard when it comes to trends. From their trend team scouring the world for what’s hot to how it is implemented into their product design, there is no surprise to see them represented in this category.

Totally Bamboo’s 2023 Product Catalog

Fresh faces to both ZOOMcatalog and the Merch Madness competition, Totally Bamboo is coming out of the gate strong with their incredibly “clip-worthy” product photography. Totally Bamboo is one of the top innovators when it comes to bamboo products.

Goldstar’s Simply Drinkware

Everyone knows Goldstar for their fantastic quality pens and elevated decoration techniques, but now you can also hit them up for drinkware! The styles Goldstar has pulled in certainly live up to their eye for design! Each piece is on trend, especially when they mix matte finish and bamboo accents. Several designs are exclusive as well! Clear retail inspiration!

SungZ’s Simply Gifts

There’s nothing “simple” about SnugZ’s latest ZOOMcatalog unless we’re talking about how simple it is to fall in love with it! With new SwagAR augmented reality built into the pages of this book, SnugZ’s products will literally jump off the page!

SanMar’s Fresh Takes Spring 2023 New Arrivals

SanMar’s latest offering takes a fresh approach to spring apparel and challenges us to set a vibe and go wild. Full of engaging styles that are sure to inspire, you don’t want to miss this ZOOMcatalog.

PCNA’s Trends 2023

PCNA continues to create trend-inspired lookbooks with a heavy focus on the why and how behind the products. Every category in this lookbook could be its mood board, and each could be the basis for an excellent merchandising campaign.

alphabroder’s 2023 One-Stop Solution

alphabroder presents a comprehensive line from all areas of decoratable apparel. Name brands and private labels give you options to fit your clients’ preferences, and their digital lounge gives you the tools you need to close those deals.

Orbus’s 2023 Promo Handbook

Orbus’s Promo Handbook gives you the best and most comprehensive range of visual communications solutions for corporate interiors, retail environments, tradeshows, and events. Not only that, but thanks to their silhouette presentations, you can see all of their products at scale. 

Illini’s Spring into Summer 2023

Illini’s a popular brand, and with programs like their partnership with One Tree Planted, it’s easy to see why. Every planter kit ordered through Illini equals one new tree donated to reforestation efforts. Now that’s an idea to get behind!

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