Virtual Trade Show Booth Checklist: Crafting the Ultimate Experience

With more and more trade shows going virtual, we’ve all had to adjust our preparation routines. Every show will be a little different, but with the virtual show season kicking off this January, we’ve compiled a list of the crucial components you need to create a fantastic virtual booth experience.

The Checklist

Avoid fuzzy, pixelated logos. Make sure you have a high-resolution version of your logo on hand.

Booth image

Think of your booth image like your storefront. This image will draw people into your booth, so make sure it’s eye-catching and helps you stand out from your virtual neighbors.

Intro video

A good intro video will make or break your booth. The video is the first thing people see when they enter your booth, and it will play a huge role in engaging your visitors.

Many virtual shows will allow you to have a video of up to three minutes, but keep in mind that is an eternity when it comes to online video. We suggest keeping your video to around a minute and a half.

Think about what style of video you want to create. Motion graphics or animation can be just as effective as full production video shoots on-location with epic voice-overs. Consider what the style you choose says about your company and products.

Whatever style you choose, there are three options when it comes to producing your video: 

  • Agency: expensive and requires longer lead times
  • In-House: the least expensive but requires the most skill and knowledge
  • Freelancers: an excellent middle ground; be sure to review the freelancer’s portfolio before settling on your choice and remember you get what you pay for

We suggest investing some time and resources in your video. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a great video, but no one is going to be happy with a bare budget rush job.

To help get you started, here are some content ideas for your video:

  • Introduce your company or your team members
  • Feature your best-selling or newest products
  • Talk up the unique capabilities of your company
  • Highlight your wow-factor, the key differentiator that sets you apart from everyone else

When you have your concept nailed down, compile your best lifestyle photography, clips from other corporate and product videos you may have created. This will help you hit the ground running with your video production.

End the whole thing with a strong call to action, and you’ll be good to go!

(Remember, this video can have a life outside of the virtual show too! Host the video on your website, post it to your social media channels, and more.)

Digital marketing materials

Your digital marketing materials are vital components of your virtual trade show kit. Gather all of your digital marketing materials in one place and have the links on hand, so you can easily share them with your booth visitors.

During the show, your ZOOMcatalog is your most important asset. You can put your entire product selection at your customer’s fingertips, browse entire categories, share specific pages and products with them, or anything in between.

Consider that 90% of distributors prefer to customize catalogs before sharing them with their customers, so make sure to provide a ZOOMcustom link so your visitors can brand your materials as their own.

You can also impress your visitors by giving them personalized marketing pieces. During the show, ask your guests for their logos and contact information, and then afterward, follow up with catalogs and flyers featuring their own brand.

Make sure you know the limitations of the virtual show’s platform. Some will allow you to share your screen and present material. Regardless of their restrictions, most platforms let you share links that visitors can open on their end, so keep those links to your ZOOMcatalog handy.

Need Help? 

If you have more than one ZOOMcatalog, ZOOMcustom catalog, or ZOOMcustom flyer, we can help you create a landing page for the show. We can also give you the tools your team and your customers need to easily customize your marketing materials. Contact Us.

About us copy

We recommend keeping this short and snappy. Make sure you touch on what you do and what you sell. Include what sets you apart from the crowd, and be sure the tone fits your company’s style. 

Staff headshots

People connect with smiling faces. Professional headshots are preferable, but if you don’t have the time or resources to hire a photographer, a good selfie can suffice. Just put some thought into your lighting and background situation and avoid overly casual “mirror selfies.”

Crush virtual trade shows

Want to take a more in-depth look at the different aspects of a virtual booth? Our very own Bryony Zasman walks you through the entire process.

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