What’s New: All the Small Things

This month, we’re focusing on the unsung heroes of product updates: the small details that most people wouldn’t even notice. Some of these tweaks are new features, some are under-the-hood tune-ups, and they all may have gone unnoticed by the majority of our users, but without them, ZOOMstudio wouldn’t have the same polish and stability you’ve come to rely on.


Here are all the small things you might have missed:

  • Reposition Images in Smart Layouts
    Need to scootch that photo a little to the right? Now you can.
  • Better Big Design Support
    Create designs with even more pages but with the same amazing speed.
  • Pricing Tables
    More options are available now. Choose how pricing is displayed. It’s not just  “as low as” anymore!
  • Additional One-Click API Support
    Your website visitors can create custom-branded presentations with a single click. The one-click API now works on your product pages, or anywhere you have a list of products (wish lists, favorites lists, comparison tools, etc.)!
  • Better Login Experience
    If you didn’t notice this one, we’re doing our jobs correctly. We quashed some bugs and made logging into your account even easier. 
  • Gotta Go Fast
    We increased the speed of searches in ZOOMstudio thanks to some of those under-the-hood changes we talked about. Now search is even faster and more reliable.
  • Virtual Sample Options
    Nothing to see here… Yet! More news coming soon.

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