How To Build Awareness on LinkedIn

It’s 2020 and the days of mainstream marketing are out the window. People are on their screens, connected to their networks, and constantly online. With that comes a new way of discovering businesses and products via online sharing.

For the B2B market that happens on LinkedIn. The professional network is quite the platform, boasting over 260 million active users, many of which need what you offer.

In short, LinkedIn owns the B2B market and is where you should be focused if you sell to other businesses.

It presents an opportunity to share the newest and most popular catalogs in a digital format, with thousands of potential customers. And you don’t need a massive marketing budget or deep social media skills, just a few minutes every month and you start seeing your lead list grow simply by giving companies a reminder that you exist.

Check out this helpful walkthrough on how to start sharing digital catalogs on LinkedIn to increase your awareness with potential customers.  

Here’s how you do it. 

1. Identify a topic, trend, or event. 

Don’t just put any catalog in front of your audience, put the right catalog in front of them. This means spending time researching the current trends, events, and buying needs that you can center your catalog on. 

Think about the customers you want to attract. What do they need? What kinds of products will help them create a connection with their customers and grow their reach? 

Now that you have a topic nailed down, it’s time to head over to ZOOMcatalog.

2. Pick the proper catalog from ZOOMcatalog.  

You’re going to need a digital catalog that can easily be shared across your LinkedIn feed. Luckily for you, ZOOMcatalog has thousands of catalogs ready for use.

Search or sort through them based on events, seasons, industries, even popularity to ensure that you find the perfect catalog for your LinkedIn campaign. Once you’ve found the proper pick, jump in, and add your branding to the catalog for that extra touch of professionalism everyone appreciates.  

From there, all you need to do is grab your catalog link and you’re ready to start sharing with everyone. 

3. Share your digital catalog on LinkedIn.

  • Head over to LinkedIn where you are going to share this catalog.
  • Start by hitting the “start a post” button at the top of your page. 
  • Paste the link to your ZOOMcatalog in the text box. 
    • Be sure to erase the link once your image loads and swap it with your epic caption. 
  • Craft a short 1-3 sentence caption. 
    • Include the catalog topic, the event/trend, and a CTA to your linked Catalog.  
  • Be intentional with this caption, it is equally as important as the catalog. 
  • Share that sweet catalog with the world by hitting that “Post” button.

4. Consistently show up month after month. 

If there’s one thing to take away from this it’s to be consistent. Social media campaigns are long-tailed investments. Give your LinkedIn community regular reminders that you’re a promotional product expert. Consistency leads to awareness. Awareness leads to a purchase. When one of your LinkedIn connections has a promotional product need, who do you think they’ll call?

Consider taking these small steps to ensure that you are consistent with your campaigns: 

  • Post between the hours of 9am-4pm EST (not outside work hours)
  • Post on the same days every month. 
  • Always include a compelling caption in your post. 
  • Engage with those who like and share your post. 

LinkedIn can be your double edge distributor sword. 

By running a monthly LinkedIn campaign, you accomplish two things. The first is that you generate leads—which is crucial to driving revenue. The second is that you cement yourself as an expert by showing up regularly and providing value. As an expert, you’ll become the standard when it comes to finding the best promotional products. 

LinkedIn is a massive platform ready for distributors to capitalize on if they can execute. That execution comes down to showing up every month and bringing value to your network without posting lackluster sales pitches. If you follow the steps we outlined for you, we can promise you’ll sound a lot better than a mall kiosk clerk. 

If you’re ready to start dominating LinkedIn with great catalogs, head over to ZOOMcatalog and find the perfect one for your next campaign.