Feature Releases: Reusable templates in ZOOMstudio and more

ZOOMstudio templates are here! You, the Suppliers, can now set up reusable templates for your sales team and distributors.

Alongside templates, we have made more changes that include considerably improved publishing speeds, a new text tool, and workflow features that make Studio easier to use.


Your success comes from moving quickly, reaching more end users, and selling more products, that’s why we are continually working to make Studio easier and quicker to use. Templates do just that.

Give your Sales team and distributors a head start by pre-designing flyers, social posts, presentations – anything you want.

Your team and distributors can start with a template

Suppliers can now create templates, template collections, and share those with users. More great improvements to templates coming soon!

Learn how to set up templates for your team and distributors

Create more pages

We’ve made it possible to create marketing materials with up to 20 pages within Studio. Opening up the possibilities of what you can create with Studio.

Support for larger images

You can now upload bigger images, we’ve increased the upload limit to 20MB file size, enabling you to improve your designs with big beautiful lifestyle images and more.

A new way to publish

Publishing is faster. Much faster. We made several updates to how publishing works, behind the scenes, with some considerable performance changes, and to the actions you take to share or download.

A new publish and save button found in the header

Available in all Studios today, you will see we’ve moved the Publish button to the top right corner. When you are ready – select “Save and Publish”. You will then see your options to share or download in the format you need.

Auto-saving improved

Work away in Studio knowing your work is safe and secure. We auto-save your designs as you work. 

You can see your work auto-saving in the header.

Discard changes

Along with auto-saving, we’ve introduced the ability for you to discard changes and revert back to the published version of your design. Meaning if you want to make changes to a published flyer, but things don’t go quite as planned – you can just quickly revert back.

The new revert icon

An improved text tool – BETA

We’re trying out a new text tool! Allowing you to control the width of your text box that automatically wraps your lines, you can also better format your text with an array of options such as alignment, bold, underline and more flexibility with your text colors.

These changes are going to help you create your marketing materials faster, whether it be your flyers, catalogs, or social media images.

We’ll be releasing more enhancements to Studio in the coming weeks, if you would like to share any feedback or thoughts with our team about ZOOMstudio – send us an email at hello@zoomcatalog.com

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