5 Tips for Building the Perfect Catalog Strategy

We see a lot of different catalogs throughout the course of our day. Like, a lot a lot. Being the first to see the innovations and imaginative creations from promotional products suppliers is one of the reasons we love our jobs! It also means we get sneak previews of industry catalog strategies and popular trends.

4 Things Distributors Want From Your Catalogs and Flyers

As a supplier, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What can I do to get more distributors sharing my catalog?” or maybe it went something like, “I need to figure out how to get more catalogs in the hands of customers”.

Beyond the Full-Line Catalog

In recent years, major brands have discontinued their massive print catalogs that were historically valued for their “thud effect” in favor of lightweight, digital alternatives. In fact, just a couple months ago Neiman Marcus, which was well-known for its extensive print program, announced that their famous Fall catalog would be replaced with a digital experience called Neiman’s State of Mind.

Digital vs Print Catalog Design: 7 Things to Consider

Catalogs are a key piece of any promotional product supplier’s marketing arsenal, but the way they’re designed and deployed is evolving. Print catalogs are useful for personal sales calls, trade shows, and direct mail, however, a massive amount of marketing now takes place online and requires modern, digital tools.

6 Digital Catalog Design Trends You Should Know for 2021

Last year we highlighted the top promotional product trends we expected to see in 2020. This year we’re back and ready to deliver 6 catalog design trends we expect to take hold in 2021.

4 Product Photos That Will Make Your Next Catalog Sell More

A great photo can tell an entire story. Sometimes these photos even have the ability to stop people in their tracks and completely steal their attention.

Case Study: Digital Distribution of a PPE Catalog

High Caliber Line launched a new ZOOMcatalog, filled with PPE products. Upon launch, hundreds of distributors customized it as their own and distributed it to their own customers via website, email, social media, and other channels. Distributors gave wonderful feedback about the well-designed and creatively curated catalog.

4 Flyers You Should Send This Fall

In the marketing game, you’re constantly battling for the top spot on your customer’s needs list, and the only way to cement yourself there is with great products that solve their problems. Whether it’s PPE, office supplies, or corporate gifts, your customers are looking for a solution—be the one who gives it to them with timely flyers that serve up inspiration and ideas.

Turn Your Website Into A Salesperson That Never Sleeps

Every person considering a purchase from you is going to visit your website. Make sure your digital real estate is ready to convert them from prospect to buyer.

4 Ways To Increase Sales with Video

With every customer on their phones, you need to start meeting them where they are. More and more suppliers are realizing this and are adding video to all of their digital catalogs.

The Top 29 Digital Catalog Questions Answered

We answered ALL the questions we get ALL the time from promotional product suppliers about their digital catalogs and flyers.

5 Killer Mistakes to Avoid with Your Promotional Products Catalog

Instead of falling victim like some, we’re here to bring you the 5 Catalog Killers you can avoid when crafting up your next digital catalog.

Design Tip #6 – Design A Winning Catalog Cover

A well-planned catalog cover is often underestimated. Being the first impression, a catalog cover holds a lot of power - it can drive a visitor to turn the page with excitement or close the browser tab and move on.

How To Build Awareness on LinkedIn

Check out this helpful walkthrough on how to start sharing digital catalogs on LinkedIn to increase your awareness with potential customers.

The Complete Guide to Digital Catalogs

As a team of digital creators who love to empower suppliers like you, we’ve decided to break down everything you need to know about delivering a new, elevated catalog experience.

Digital Catalogs vs. Print Catalogs

Catalog and Digital go head to head. How do they compare? Which is better? What is the perfect mix for 2021?

Design tip #4: Designing Remotely

I’ve worked remotely as a designer for over 10 years. I’ve worked everywhere from my home to beaches, cafes, bars, airport floors, and all the way back to my sofa. Along the way, I have learned a thing or two about what makes a designer successful when working remotely.

Design tip #3: How to use ZOOMcatalog marketing materials in your email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool, but one that takes a lot of hard work. First, you need to convince people to sign up with the promise of providing them with valuable content, then you need to fulfill that promise every time you click send.

Design tip #2: How to leverage catalogs for social media?

One of the keys to success on social (as you can read right here) is the quality of your content, and catalogs can be easily leveraged to create some fantastic content for your followers.

5 Steps To A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Facebook alone, the biggest and arguably the most powerful of the platforms, reached 2.45 billion monthly active users in September 2019. That’s a lot of eyeballs and wallets to win.

Design flyers distributors want to use

As a supplier, you likely invest a lot of time and money into photography, catalog design and product advertisements to make sure your products sell. Your collection of product images, catalogs and flyers are used for marketing online and in person, and the design of these materials can impact how well your products stand out.

The Top Three Ways Distributors Share ZOOMcatalogs

ZOOMcatalogs offer a unique way for distributors to share new products, flyers or entire catalogs to their customers. If you’ve just started using ZOOMcatalogs, we recommend that you share them with your customers to get more traction for your sales team.

How to market your ZOOMcatalogs

Marketing your ZOOMcatalogs and ZOOMcustom catalogs and flyers is important! Make sure distributors know about these awesome new tools you now have to offer them. This document has some tips to get started.